Why choose Visionary B2B

A good media relations program costs money. A marketing director might gulp when she gets a quotation for a good PR program and say, “That’s a lot.” But it isn’t really if you look at your return on investment. You may have experimented with public relations before but have not been happy with the results. There are so few people who know how to deliver good editorial results in the trades that when you find a professional with the right credentials and capabilities, you will be able to get rolling with some real results. That should be the marketing director’s message to the CEO. When your CEO is happy, everybody’s happy.

I’ve spent decades in business-to-business media and I know what editors and content directors want. They’re understaffed, underbudgeted, under duress and on deadline. When they can get their hands on a well-written case study, reader profile or feature story, they’ll grab it. That’s one less news hole to fill. That’s content that will get them more page views and uniques on their site.

I’m sure that there are many, many B2B manufacturers and suppliers who haven’t had a substantive, proactive PR program in place before. They’ve probably had imitations, and there are plenty of hacks out there who rant n’ rave about a few magazine articles, whenever they get ’em, and to whatever extent the piece delivers. But so often, the output is clumsy copy, junk that’s laced with endless product or manufacturer references that the content directors have to edit out. And the photography is bad, or they’ve missed the publication’s requested deadline. It’s an expensive, time-sucking, exasperating minefield. Those are my competitors.

It’s a matter of winning the right relationships over time with the top editors. When I was an editor, I knew I could always call on John or Nora or Jim or Heather or Todd or Lindsey. They actively worked on creating an ongoing relationship with me, and when I called them, they delivered every time. That’s what you get when you invest in a substantive, proactive PR program. That’s what I will deliver for you.

And, remember, if the CEO’s happy, everybody’s happy.